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Michael Nguyen

VFX Student at ESCAPE STUDIOS London, England, United Kingdom


Enthusiastic Character/Creature Artist skilled at modelling, texturing and creature effects. I have experience in group projects creating organic sculpts and hard surface modelling. I have practiced sculpting human and animal anatomy, and experience in facial sculpting and blend shapes. I have 4 years experience in Zbrush, substance painter and Maya and used Houdini for 2 years. At the moment I am currently learning Mari and Ziva. I am comfortable of doing the whole character pipeline or individual parts of the character in a group project. I am self critical of my work and am happy take on any feedback to make sure my work is at a high standard. I can work to tight deadlines at a high standard through a project I have done during lockdown. I have a graphics design background which has been a solid base for me to transfer to 3d and helped me with the fundamentals to through characters and image composition. I am self motivated, very organise and great team player. I have a thorough understanding of the VFX pipe line and am experienced at managing and running projects on shotgun. I wish to able to contribute to the industry and work side by side with amazing people in the industry.

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